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in washington d c after securing a second term this week. the president and his first family arrived back at the white house last night. now mr. obama and congress must tackle the so-called fiscal cliff looming ahead. january 1st, an 800 billion dollar tax cut will expire. that will mean tax hikes and spending cuts kick in unless there's a deal. coming up our katie marzullo will have more. >>> traffic and weather together, next. >>> live look outside now before the rain comes this is the san mateo bridge deck dry, traffic moving fine.g5ç mike will tell us when rain will arrive in your neighborhood today. sue will check your commute. >>> you know about black friday how about black thursday. how wal-mart is getting a bigger >>> here's doppler out of eureka showers even moderate showers no thunder out of this storm yet we did have a few claps of thunder over the sierra as the rain has changed over to snow. winds are slowing now the cold front is moving away from us. gusts up to 30 in oakland we were in the 25 to 35 degree range for several hours this morning. breezy and cooler through 7:00,
to washington, d.c. for a preview of today's remarks. >>> traffic and weather together, next. here's a live look outside, golden gate bridge, looks like there might be a little mist nothing like the storms we had overnight. meteorologist mike nicco will tell you where those storms are going using live doppler hd. >>> also ahead, alaska airlines debuts a new fleet of aircraft. [ unintelligible ] >>> welcome back. one shower moving through the heart of san jose heading towards lincoln and almaden sliding to the south and east you can see it is going to head down 101 possibly to morgan hill as it heads into the higher country it is going to produce snow we talked about hail possible this was from hayward last night at about 1:50 in the morning this is from castro valley this these still shots here that thunderstorm moving through there we have a chance of seeing more hail out of these storms and more snow too down to the lower elevations as the forecast unfolds that will be from 4:00 into the evening until then partly cloudy temperatures in the 50s today watch out this evening. >>> wet roads the is
night game in berkeley. the bears hosting washington. this was a sloppy turnover-filled game. a gold-out at memorial stadium. the gold towels everywhere. not a golden performance by either team. combining for 8 turnovers, cal driving the first quarter. isi sofele coughs it and up the huskies would recover leading to the td run. washington up 7-0. to the second quarter and cal, this is a good call here. the reverse to freshman chris harper, who has speed on the corner and dives into the end zone. 14-yard touchdown to tie it up at 7 a piece. cal's defense, big play before the half. nick forbes deflecting the keith price pass and interception. we stayed tied at 7 at the half. third quarter, third and goal. price scrambles, lobs it up for the tight end, seferian-jenkins. a touchdown. huskies on top. at one point there were three turnovers in six plays. zach maynard picked by thompson, a former cal recruit, and maynard ends up hobbling off with a knee injury and the bears lose 21-13. at 3-7 they are guaranteed of having a losing season. >>> more on the cal situation, plus stanford and col
wife has also been charged in the case. she was extradited from washington state where they were both arrested last month. couple is charged in the murder of 55-year-old suzy coe that was killed in her home. they were arrested after being spotted after driving her car in seattle. >> san rafael police have released a sketch of an armed prowler that may have been stabbed by one of his would would be victims. one of two teenage women fought off the prowler and the other called police. >> eric: 6:17. we are watching the weather and bay bridge. there have been accidents out there this morning. >> hopefully got the word out and heading out early. sure enough the floodgates are opening slowly but enough moisture. you can see the embarcadero is wet with about one hundredth. that is all it is taking to make the slick conditions. let's take a look at live doppler 7-hd. we'll show you the entire bay area from top to bottom. you can see the sweeping radar. latest updates showing still the heaviest rain over the ocean and one moving through san pablo bay and east bayshore. this is rotating from so
gridlock in washington is making an endorsement. the starbucks ceo announced he will vote for president obama this coming tuesday. last year the ceo urged his fellow business leaders to withhold campaign contributions to both parties until congress and the white house reach a deal to bring down the nation's deficit. he says the president deserves a second time. >>> affects of superstorm sandy continue. new video from new york city this morning, shows the continuing long line of cars waiting to fuel up. gas shortages continue to be found across the east coast, 60% of gas stations in new jersey are closed because they've run out of gas. 70% of stations are closed on long island. the shortage of fuel lead to one violence incident in queens. authorities arrested a motorist yesterday after he pointed a pistol at another motorist who complained when he tried to cut in line while waiting for gas. that man is facing 15 years in prison, if convicted. >>> superstorm sandy could mean trouble for holiday shopping. retail analysts are worried department store sales could fall because people on the e
of washington. abc news has learned that representative nancy pelosi of san francisco will continue as house minority leader for at least two more years. >> her meeting with democratic leadership team now her decision to stay is likely to leave the current democratic leadership team almost entirely in place she is set to hold a news conference at 7 a.m. from capitol hill we will stream that live on >>> also from washington this morning, president obama has scheduled his first news conference since the election and abc7 news will carry it live starting at 10:30 this morning. >>> work continues to cleanup san francisco city hall after a fire and explosion in the basement. terry mcsweeney just tweeted everything is not going to be back to normal this morning. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with a spokeswoman from the mayor's office. the first and second floors are working under normal power. you can see lights on, on all the floors, the third and fourth on generator power they consider the generator power to be iffy to have those offices open today. first and second floor a
, washington. >>> after nearly two years of campaigning, the race for president is down to the wire. coming up at 8:00, top advisors for both president barack obama and mitt romney respond to the latest abc news washington post tracking poll and discuss the new wildcard in the race, the effects of superstorm sandy. don't miss abc's "this week" with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 right here on abc7. and stay with us for complete election results tuesday. get realtime results on the moment the polls close. and we will have live updates all night long at and through twitter @abc7 news bay area. >> straight ahead, tragedy in atlanta. two police officers are killed while trying to search for a missing child. >> it was scary, yeah. >> a hit-and-run victim shares her story while the search is still on for ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola
is not an endorsement of the government, but noting their progress. president returns to washington late wednesday, just in time for thanksgiving. >>> in washington, as the deadline looms closer, will there be a deal in congress to avoid going over the fiscal cliff? coming up on abc's "this week" nancy pelosi gives a definitive answer to martha raddatz. don't miss it coming up here on abc7. >>> bay area food banks are facing a thanksgiving turkey shortage. second harvest food bank of santa clara county received some help yesterday. the local branch of the el camino owners association donated over three quarters of a ton of turkeys. that's a lot of help. the officials say they are still short of food and money this season but this should make it easier to achieve their goal. >>> volunteers also accepted donations at the pennsylvania avenue warehouse in san francisco yesterday as well as the marin food bank. beginning this thursday the san francisco food bank is short 1700 turkeys. that's more than half the birds it needs for this year's traditional meal. >>> we invite you to be part of the abc7 share you
of oregon bad storm to our north in oregon and washington that rain is expected to get here tonight or tomorrow, already heavy drizzle here at sfo now. according to aaa fewer people will this thanksgiving than last, sfo expects a 3% increase in the number of passengers. sfo ranked by orbitz as the third busiest airport for thanksgiving holiday this year. the ones who were able to get this morning, today, they are the lucky ones. >> that's why i'm leaving early. >> just missed the huge rush on wednesday and i think that the itinerary was better. >> i thought it was easier than wednesday. , i wish i had done sunday or monday >> reporter: why that is? >> no, -- no just more crowded. >> reporter: let's not forget the roads, 90% of the people traveling across the country for thanksgiving will be driving. good news for those folks as gas prices are down 7 cents over the past two weeks. bad news you have to be careful with more cars on the road the number of accidents tends to go up. according to aaa people who will travel, 50 miles or more from their home for this attention, -- this thank
more on abc7 news at 11 this morning on this story. >>> more talks scheduled in washington today as we get closer to that fiscal cliff deadline. >> jane king joins us with that and early trading. >>> good morning. what is happening today, a group of high level ceos going to the white house to meet with president obama to discuss how to avoid the fiscal cliff. ceo of goldman sachs also marissa mayer at yahoo among those expected to attend that meeting today. the housing market in focus. we get a report on new home sales from the commerce department in 10 minutes. so far this morning, wall street firmly fixated on washington. markets again on the defensive this morning after a down day yesterday. bloomberg index lower 1% down. looking for a new car? japanese automakers, honda, toy 0 tab, sue rue, mazda, mitsubishi having the best -- customer service, serviced and updates. volkswagon ranked lowest. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. >> as you plan your day when will the heaviest rainfall and the strongest wind? >> we are look ago the 8:00 to 11:00 the rain has been coming
obviously. we'll take a closer look at the other woman, involved, paula broadwell, rocking washington. we are also going to speak to a colleague of the general's who has been in close touch with him since the scandal broke and try to get to the bottom of some of those questions. also, caught on tape, youth football coach, you see him here, allegedly attacking a player on the opposing team, 7th grader taking it in the chops from the coach. was this assault or accident? as you can see broken down frame by frame, we'll hear from both sides. also, confessions of a shopping addict. that's how bad it was for her after spending hours shopping everyday. now even diving in dumb terse to find deals with the advent of the -- in dumpsters to find deals with the advent of the holiday upon us she got the help she needed. also, i mentioned holiday season which means eating is around the corner, rachel ray bringing great recipes, crisp fall morning out there in times square, all next. >> i would go eating over shopping. >> don't know how you guys stay in is up great shape -- stay in such great shape. >>>
if they get. >>> decisive victory for feinstein who will return to washington for a fourth term the 79-year-old san francisco democrat defeated danville republican emken. feinstein was better known and better financed than emken and did not and would not debate her. >> katie marzullo continues our coverage with long cal races. >> reporter: i zoomed in on the -- bay area, no surprise to anyone all blue in all the districts in the bay area. we want to focus on some of the bigger ones, district 3 john garamendi, vs. vann he has held state office for four decades, vann is someone that national republicans thought would give them a good chance of unseating a democrat in the district. that is not the case. heading into the east bay district 9 only 79% of precincts reporting, still a few more to go. this was the one where district loons had been redrawn, people weren't sure -- lines had been re , people weren't sure if mcnerney would hang on but he did 56% of the vote. now to district 15 battle royale, democrat vs. democrat because of new voting system pete stark out of office this man is 80-years
as head of the cia is still sending shockwaves through washington. petreas said he accepts all the blame for his own downfall >>> after nearly four decades in international affairs, it was an extramarital affairs that brought david petraeus' distinguished career to a jolting end. in a statement to cia employees he acknowledged the liaison, expressing his extremely poor judgment. it's unacceptable, he said, both as a husband and as a leader of an organization such as hours. >> if they found out about an extramarital affair they could use it as blackmail against you. >> he has been married to his wife holly for 38 years. they have two children. they met when he was a west point cadet and she stood by him as he raced on the fast track up the ranks to four-star general. last year he resigned his commission and was sworn in as cia director. this is the other woman. paula broadwell. a 40-year-old wife and mother of two. she's his official biographer. >> to get to know him he wanted to run with you? >> i thought i was going to test him but he was going to test me. >> seen here on the daily show
was conducted has engulfed washington members of congress want to e the fbi and the attorney general waited until this past wednesday to notify the white house? justice officials maintain there was no politics involved, rob nelson, abc news, new york. >>> founder of santa clara based mcafee security software john mcafee is wanted for the murder of a neighbor in belize where he lives. police say he's gone into an hiding. police say his neighbor, another american was found with a gunshot wound to the head in the town of san pedro. business czar series of interviews -- business czar series of you -- people looking for a job or change in career may be able to help find help at a job fair in concord today. the event is sponsored by abc7, coast radio and job journal at 52 98 clayton road from noon until 4:00, employers from the public and private sectors will be on hand looking to fill a variety of positions. >>> traffic and weather together, next. it is a gorgeous morning nice blue, meteorologist mike nicco will have your forecast, we'll also check in with sue from the traffic center. >>> the al
tomorrow. he will return to washington on wednesday just in time for thanksgiving. before he left the president recorded his weekly address urging the extension of tax cuts for most americans while raising taxes on the wealthiest americans. >> we shouldn't hold the middle class hostage while congress debates tax cuts for the wealthy. let's again our work by doing what we all agree on. let's keep taxes low for the middle class and let's get it done soon so we can give families and businesses good news going into the holiday season. >> republicans say raising taxes on people owning small businesses will be bad for businesses and families because they will be forced to lay off thousands of workers. >> new this morning the boy scouts will picking up boxed or bagged food placed on doorsteps. you have to do it the next couple hours. it has to be there by 9:00 this morning. the drive is called scout fourth food with the bay area goal of collecting 450,000 pounds of food this year. if you live along the collection route, you probably have already received a door hanger telling but the dri
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15